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How to use Brand It & Brand Kit
How to use Brand It & Brand Kit
Brand it! allows users to generate a variety of combinations of their brand colors with 1-click!
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What is Brand Kit?

Brand Kit is a feature that allows you to access your logo and brand colors in your current brand account. It also allows you to mix and match your brand colors to create a unique combination.

Access your logo, brand colors, and much more from a single location. Save time by centralizing all of your branding assets in one location. Customize kits to match the brands of your clients or launch your own while remaining consistent across all campaigns and designs.

First, you must add your brand colors and save them as a color palette in your Brand Kit.

Step 1:
On the left menu, click on Brand Kit -

Step 2:
Click Add Palette -

Step 3:
Set a name for your color palette and select the combination of colors according to your brand and preference. Then just click the Save button -

Step 4:
Open your design โ†’ Under Elements, find Brand It! and click on the Color palette -

Step 5:

Click on the shuffle icon beside the colour palette of your choice to generate a combination that works for you.

And Taa-Daa!

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