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Glorify VS other design tools
Glorify VS other design tools

Learn what makes Glorify special!

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There are quite a few differences between Glorify and other design softwares.

Glorify is completely e-commerce focused and helps people create engaging product This can be achieved through Glorify's unique differentiating features: 

  1. Background remover: Remove backgrounds of product photos instantly with just a few clicks

  2. Product focused templates: all templates are product focused, and have a placeholder product on the design which is easily replaceable with your own product. 

  3. Niche & Theme categorized templates: Makes finding the perfect template for a product super easy

  4. Brand kits or Image sets: Most of our templates are part of a bundle which includes the same style re-purposed for all the other formats inside Glorify. 

  5. Logo Maker: Helps e-com businesses generate a quick and easy logo - perfect for drop-shippers and Amazon startups

  6. Shadows & Reflections: Make your product pop with natural shadows and reflections

  7. Annotate tool: create tech specs or callout images of your product to describe its features. 

  8. We have many other tools on our roadmap soon to be released - again all of these are built for e-commerce businesses

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