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Unable to locate your design File? Follow these steps:
Unable to locate your design File? Follow these steps:
If you think you have lost your design, check out this article for possible answers on how to find it.
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1. Check the pages tab found on the right →

There is a possibility that your design will be among other pages of the same design project or other design projects. In this case, from the canvas tool simply go to the Pages tab as shown in the screenshot below:

2. Ensure that all design projects are given different names. 

Two design projects cannot have the same name. The 2nd project will override the first project if the same name is saved. 

(Override means to automatically replace)

To rename your design, see the screenshots below.

3. Check in the History folder found in My Files →

(All projects you work on are backed up here!)

It clearly indicates the number of pages as well as the number of revisions (versions of your editing process) available for that design/project.

Now you need to be sure to load revisions →

(This will show you all versions of your editing process)

4. Once the specific project/page is found; select the option that works for you → 

If you aren't sure on what revision of the project to restore, we highly recommend checking the pages first by clicking the option View Pages as shown below:

Finally, to restore the design you can either choose to overwrite the original design with the one you are restoring or you can choose to create as new instead.

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