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How to work with layers?
How to work with layers?
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Working with multiple layers and elements on your canvas can be very time-consuming and, in some cases, frustrating.

This article will show you how to work efficiently with multiple layers:

Step 1:
Click on the layers panel found at the bottom of the panel on the right:

Step 2:
Double-click on an element on your layers panel to rename it:

Step 3:

Select the element you want to move to another layer.
In the example below, I have selected ice cream cup.

Right-click on the element/image and select "Send to Back."

Since the example chosen has just one layer, I can work with the two options which is send to the front and send to the back. However, when working with multiple elements layered on top of one another, you have the option of just moving it one layer up or one layer down.

Here's an example:

Step 4:

I would like to bring this pink element just one layer up so it sits above the blue element:

Right-click, select layer up:

Now that looks a whole lot better:

Step 5:

You can isolate any layer you want to work with.

The isolate button will allow you to isolate one object and make all others unelectable until deactivated.

This will help you work with one object within a multi-layered composition, without having the frustration of moving objects aside to work with bottom layered ones.

You can find this button in the two highlighted spots in the screenshot below:

Step 6:

You can also lock an image in place to prevent it from shuffling around once you are happy with its placement of it:

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