What is Brand It?

Brand It is a feature that allows you to access your logo and your brand colors in the brand account that you are currently on.

It also gives you the ability to remix your brand colors to create a unique blend.

In this article, you have 3 options to apply color palettes with just a single click.

  1. Set up the brand kit so that you can use the Brand It element

  2. Use our own custom color palettes from Favourites

  3. Use the Color Palette element provided by Glorify App.

Step 1

Setup Brand Kit and use the Brand It Element

  • You need to go to your brand settings by clicking My Brands from your dashboard.

  • Then you can either create a new brand or edit current selected or any existing brand account.

Create New Brand
  • Edit an existing brand account

  • Setup your brand assets (Fonts, colors and logo)

How to apply your Brand colors?

So once you've added your colors, your logos and your fonts, you can now go to any design, and your Brand It options will be available.

Here are the steps on how to apply it to your design:

  • Create a new design or open an existing design to open the editor tool. On the left panel, click Brand It

  • In this step, your brand kit option will be ready for you to use in the design.

You can generate color combinations based on your brand color.

You can also insert your brand logo to the canvas.

And that is how you apply your brand colors to your design using Brand It element.

Step 2

How to apply your custom color palette from your Favourites?

Another option to apply your own color palette to your design is to setup your colors under Favourites. Here are the steps on how to set it up and apply it to your design:

  • First, from the Dashboard, go to Favourites > Colors > View All

  • Next, Add your colors.

  • Lastly, once you are done adding your favourite colors, you can go ahead and add it to your design. To apply it - open an existing design then go to the Favourites tab and scroll down a bit to see color palettes then just click on it.

  • To apply it to your design, just click on the color palette you wish to use and just click again to generate a new combination of colors:

Step 3

Use the Color Palette element provided by Glorify App

In the Elements tab you may have also noticed the Color Palettes.

Color palettes also allows you to remix colors into your template or design just like how Brand It works. But it's just a library of custom colors from us.

  • To access Color Palettes - open a design or start one then one the left panel of the Elements tab you'll see Color Palettes

  • To apply colors, just click on any of the color palettes you want to use

The reason we have the logo, fonts and brand colors for the brand kit is because, in the future, we're going to make it easier for anyone who'd like to be able to change designs according to the brand account he has chosen.
Meaning - In case you change anything in your brand kit (logo, font or colors), then it'll globally and automatically change across all your designs.

That way you don't have have to change individual designs if your brand ever changes.

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