Mockup creation has never been simpler! πŸ₯³ With the help of this awesome feature, you can effortlessly transform your designs. 🀩

Check out our easy steps below. πŸ‘‡

Step 1:

On your dashboard, click on TEMPLATES

Next, scroll down to MOCKUP SCENE and select VIEW ALL.

You can start your project from scratch or choose a template from our library.

Step 2:

If you opted to start from scratch,

On the left panel, click on the [+] ICON, and select MOCKUPS.

Click on the mockup of your choice to add it to the canvas.

Step 3:

Select the mockup and click on EDIT CONTENT found on the right panel.

Next, click on ADD IMAGE.

You can add an image of your own or select an image from our library.

Hit DONE once you've completed editing the mockup.

Note: Depending on the mockup you've chosen, you may need to edit multiple sides of the mockup and make adjustments (scaling/repositioning) to the images added.


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